Cleantech Systems is an exclusive manufacturer of Parts Cleaning Systems. We design, analyse and provide a customized solution for the cleaning of parts according to the process requirements. Developing the break-through technology in cleaning process, we maintain the highest industry standards yet providing the most cost effective solutions.

The Systems we provide adopt a modern age cleaning process which is environment friendly, adhering to the MONTREAL PROTOCOL, abolishing the use of chlorinated solvents for cleaning purpose, which deplete the ozone layer.

In this modern-competitive industry it is pivotal to control and maximise the production rate; our automation and cleaning solutions help you achieve just the same.


Cleantech Systems is a visionary in the field of component cleaning. With a wide experience in the design & manufacturing, we emphasize providing total solution for component cleaning through integration of right processes, machine configuration and chemical selection

What is Cleaning ?

During manufacturing, lot of contaminants like oil, grease, Lapping paste, Buffing compound, Coolant, Loose chips, Atmospheric dust, metal swarf etc. are saturated over the components. They have to be removed before final assembly.
Cleantech provides total solution for effective removal of such contamination through integration of right processes, machine configuration and chemical selection.


Manufacturing Processes Prior to Cleaning :
- Drilling , Tapping , Boring
- Machining – Cutting / Milling / Turning
- Shaving, Buffing, Lapping, Grinding
- Honing, Sand Blasting


• Automobile and auto ancillary industry
• Pharmaceutical
• Farming equipment
• Food processing industries


Dipping & Dunking System

The components to be dipped are loaded on the platform. When cycle start button is pressed, the table goes down.

Cabinet Type Component Cleaning Machine

The component to be cleaned is loaded in the fixture manually at load / unloads station.

Conveyorised Component Cleaning Machine

The conveyor type washing machine consists of conveyor, washing chambers